Good news for metro Detroit, as the region came in listed as a top 25 city to find a job.

We scored well on life/work balance, and a median salary of $61,500 which isn’t too shabby at all. There also are more than 59,000 job openings in our area.

Top jobs in demand based on job postings included registered nurses, bank tellers, and financial advisors.

We like to include the methodology when we share these things, so here it is below:

Glassdoor’s Best Cities for Jobs report identifies U.S. metros with the highest overall Glassdoor Job Score, based on a comparison of the 50 most populated U.S. metros. Each region’s Glassdoor Job Score, based on a 5-point scale (5.0=best city for a job, 1.0=worst city for a job), is determined by weighting four factors equally: hiring opportunity, cost of living, work-life balance and job satisfaction. Hiring opportunity is the ratio of active job openings to population. Cost of living is the ratio of median base salary to median home value.

As a side note, we’ve get the question a lot around “what is Metro Detroit,” and it’s important to note the U.S. Census (usually the baseline of what most data goes off of) considers what we think as Metro Detroit as the Detroit–Warren–Livonia Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). But, the name can fool you as it’s not limited to those areas – it’s actually the six counties of Lapeer, Livingston, Macomb, Oakland, St. Clair, and Wayne.

There’s also something called the “Detroit Urban area,” but that constitutes much more than the city of Detroit, despite the name. That actually consists mostly of what we’d consider the tri-county region, Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties.

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