The property that paid the most taxes in Michigan in 2017 — and among the most in the country — is right here in Detroit.

MGM Grand Casino Hotel in downtown Detroit came in 90th in the nation, according to a new national ranking by Commercial Cafe. It also ranked 20th in the nation for properties outside of New York.

So how much did MGM Grand Detroit pay last year in property taxes? $16,669,312, to be exact.

No other Michigan properties made the top 100 list, though a property built by an iconic Detroit name, General Motors, came in second nationally. That’s the General Motors Building in New York City that GM built in 1968 and sold in 1982 for $500 million.

Although General Motors still technically leases three floors, they’re currently under sublease to other companies. Instead of an iconic auto showroom, the ground floor’s most popular attraction is the world-famous glass cube Apple Store.

This story originally appeared on the Daily Detroit News Byte podcast.

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