A $50 million proposed project to revamp the Motown Museum in Detroit took a step closer to becoming reality yesterday, with a $4 million gift from none other than Motown founder Berry Gordy.

The museum has been fundraising since 2016 to build a 50,000 square feet space that would have a recording studio, more exhibits, a performance center and additional retail.

Gordy started Motown with an $800 loan and over time the label took over various houses that were next to each other on West Grand Boulevard.

The donation is in sync with the 60th anniversary of the record label.

Gordy is still controversial in some Detroit circles for moving the company to Los Angeles in 1972 to pursue television and film opportunities.

Early rendering of the proposed Motown Museum’s performance space. Source: Motown Facebook

There are conflicting reports of how that move happened. Some say it was sudden, but others that the move started in the late 1960s, with the impetus being the events of 1967.

Numerous foundations and Ford Motor Company have pitched in to the project so far. There still is no construction start date for the project.

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