2016 might be remembered as the year Detroit’s food scene really hit the mainstream media. It seems as if it’s every other week another positive review is coming in for all things culinary in the area.

In a list of 12 best new restaurants in America by Kevin Alexander, Detroit’s Katoi made the list alongside entries from Atlanta, two from San Francisco, Nashville, Santa Monica, Chicago, Portland, New Orleans, Brooklyn, Pittsburgh, and Washington D.C.

Per Thrillist:

Katoi is, according to Gwyneth Paltrow’s publication, “scene-y.” The people of Katoi refer to themselves as “the Mothership.” The lights are crazy colors. My spelling autocorrect keeps wanting to change the restaurants name to “Kate.” A place like this, if not executed perfectly, could wear on you. So it’s a good thing its execution is so damn on point.

Katoi is bar none one of the “coolest” places in the city, including a menu that changes often and a prohibition on ordering takeout.

This dovetails with their list of best restaurants in Detroit for 2016 released last week, which is a five-up listing that includes Katoi but also La Rondinella, The Peterboro, Grey Ghost, Flowers of Vietnam.

You can find Katoi Monday through Saturdays at 2520 Michigan Avenue in Detroit and online here.

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