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Lester Graham is a journalist at Michigan Radio, where he hosts “The Environment Report” and the news magazine “Stateside.” Tammy Coxen is the host of Tammy’s Tastings, a series of food and drink tastings, classes and experiences in Ann Arbor. The two friends been doing a segment on cocktails on Michigan Radio called “Cheers!” for more than three years.

Now, they’ve got a new book based on that series. It’s called “Cheers to Michigan: A Celebration of Cocktail Culture and Craft Distillers.”

As Graham and Coxen explain in today’s episode, the book is part recipes, a little how-to and a lot of Michigan history stirred in the shaker. It covers everything from Detroit’s outsize role in bootlegging during Prohibition to the city’s invention of three famous cocktails, and the current boom in craft cocktails and craft distilleries. So belly up and have a listen.

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