We talk about the reopened Hudson Cafe in downtown Detroit and their expansion into Northville and Troy; La Bodega in Lincoln Park brings a Dominican market to downriver. Brisa Bar is open, and the coffee truck Kekoa Brew Company is on the way to a permanent spot very soon in downtown Wyandotte.

La Bodega: https://www.dominicangrocerystorelincolnpark.com/

Kekoa Brew Co: https://www.instagram.com/kekoabrewco/

Brisa Bar: https://brisabar.com/

Hudson Cafe: https://hudson-cafe.com/

Plus, some development stories as the Parade Company is raising money to transform the old Armory on the Detroit riverfront, and Devon answers (some) of the many feedback messages on MSU buying the Fisher Building.

Remember we have a happy hour on June 21st at Castalia Cocktails in Midtown: https://www.facebook.com/events/207332348845662

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