A “nano-batch specialty roaster”is opening at 3100 Woodward Avenue, in the same building as the well-reviewed Grey Ghost restaurant and the former Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe.

The 2,000 square foot café, just up Woodward from Little Caeasars Arena, will be able to seat 60 people and will have a indoor/outdoor patio as well as a conference room that seats eight. There also will be a six seat laptop bar lining the windows on Watson street.

On the menu, according to a release, will be microbrewed by-the-cup coffee, handcrafted espresso drinks, cold brew and nitro cold brew, teas, and array of specialty lattes with flavor infused house made marshmallows, cereal milks and M&M ganache.

The kickoff specialty latte is a Crunch Berry Cereal Milk latte. You apparently will be able to choose your bean with a choice of house blend (Case Study No. 1), Brazil Mogiana, Ethiopian Sidamo Gerbicho Killa, Timor Organic, Guatemala Atiltan and ‘Like a Virgin’ Water Processed Decaf.

No world if the song by Madonna “Like a Virgin” plays when you order the Water Processed Decaf.

Courtesy photo – Michelle and Chris Gerard

There also will be a custom roasting program, sweet & savory pastries, specialty foods & candies, and coffee gear.

Courtesy photo – Michelle and Chris Gerard

“We are striving to marry craft coffee excellence with an energetic sense of play, all while being very sensitive to the speed and quality of our service. From individually crafted drinks to the area’s only custom roast bar, New Order intends to live up to its name: an up to date, out of the box café and roasterie. Our team can’t wait to grow with the city and add our own unique twist to the thriving Detroit coffee culture,” says Elizabeth Rose, described as the head of the operation and a coffee veteran. “It is simply unlike anything the city has yet seen.”

The New Order brand has plans to expand with more locations in metro Detroit, so it’ll be interesting to see how this place does.

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