Producer Shianne is in the studio.

01:46 – Shianne highlights why Jer had no idea about Lululemon having pants for him. It’s because for a long time they didn’t make anything larger than a size 12.

04:30 – There’s a new Rocco’s pizza in Oak Park. Shianne tried it, has a review. Plus, Detroit Style is a thing, and Little Caesars/Domino’s is NOT that. 

09:49 – Funny Girl is in town at the Fisher Building

13:05 – A new MJR IMAX theatre is opening up in Southgate. We talk seating, quality, all of it. Are you for the three claps?

15:56 – Rochester Hills is getting a new location of Breadless this week, October 5. Their first location is on the Dennis Archer Sr. Greenway on the eastside of Detroit. They’re working to build a national chain based out of Metro Detroit. 

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