Jer is from the east side, and Devon from the west side. They meet near the middle to discuss what to know and where to go in Metro Detroit. We lose power near the end of the show, but keep on plugging forward. 

Where we’ve been:

01:40 – Jer Beat Drake to SheWolf in Detroit’s Midtown by a few hours. Worth it?

06:08 – Devon went to the new Mezcal location in Midtown and has a full review. We also get into how just one block, or around a corner, can make all the difference in Detroit and whether or not the location works. 

10:57 – A couple of pieces of harder news, as Rock Central and Rocket Mortgage are offering voluntary buyouts to a lot of employees. 

13:56 – Do we really need to be building hundreds of thousands of more office spaces when it’s clear the demand isn’t there?

15:05 – Meanwhile UWM leader Mat Ishbia is building himself the largest occupied house in the state complete with an enchanted forest.

17:28 – The Book Tower is getting five new restaurant concepts, from French to Japanese. We walk through them. Will the Book Tower be a must-go-to destination in the region for food and hospitality?

21:43 – The well-liked Avenue American Bistro in Wayne is opening up a second location at the Dearborn Hills Golf Club. No, you don’t need to be a member to go. Jer gets schooled about the west side.

24:48 – The Firebird Tavern in Greektown is setting up a second location in Troy. To Devon, Big Beaver Road is “up north.”

25:52 – Saffron DeTwa’s Chef Omar Anani won a round on Chopped! Go watch it on Food Network. He moves on in the tournament.

26:00 – Bon Bon Bon was named one of the top 10 10 10 chocolate shops in the country by USA Today

26:15 – Randy is bringing KISS themed Rum into the studio soon. I give Devon fair warning, and learns he thinks KISS is overrated.

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