The Detroit Lions may have won today, but that doesn’t stop the city of Detroit from taking a hit. There is a bit of outrage brewing on sites and the blogosphere about comedian Rob Riggle’s 2015 NFL wrap up featuring not Detroit’s football team, but a picture of a Detroit city limits sign juxtaposed with an abandoned building.

Before the game where the Lions beat the Chicago Bears, Comedian Rob Riggle hosted a “Remembering 2015” segment to “pay our respects to what was lost in 2015.”

Detroit Sports Nation’s Dan Drysdale ran an opinion piece with the headline “Dear NFL on Fox and Rob Riggle: WE are Detroit and WE are pissed!”

WE certainly do not appreciate catching an ignorant segment on a played-out pre-game show ripping OUR city. WE will not stand for it any longer.

So, on behalf of the outstanding people who make the city of Detroit what it is, I demand an apology for the cheap shot that you took at one of the grittiest cities in America.

It truly is Detroit vs. Everybody, and it is time to take a stand!

The Detroit Free Press says “It’s still Detroit vs. Everybody”

We’re not sure what context Fox was going for in including Detroit in this segment, other than perhaps taking another cheap shot at a city that’s been the butt of national jokes the past several years because of bankruptcy and high crime rates.

247Sports jumps in with

The Lions haven’t had a great season on the gridiron, but watching the mainstream media taking another shot at the city without even making mention of the team? That’s just cold.

Twitter users are jumping in like crazy, too. Here are a few examples:

Here’s the piece to judge for yourself. Over the line, or in-bounds?

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