Straight-ticket voting is no longer a thing in Michigan — at least for this November’s election.

That’s where you have the option to check one box and have all of your votes go to candidates of that party down the ballot.

The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 on Wednesday to block a federal judge’s ruling that would have struck down a ban on straight-ticket voting in the state.

Many local clerks have said that the 2016 law banning straight-ticket voting could result in lengthy delays to vote in bigger cities such as Detroit and Flint. Those are also areas with heavy Democratic turnout. The bill was passed by a Republican-controlled legislature.

The appellate ruling said that the lower courts likely erred when it found that the plaintiffs had shown that the Michigan Legislature intentionally discriminated against African Americans by passing the law.

There are now just three states that have straight ticket voting.

As a note… A ballot initiative in November aims to change the law back to allow straight ticket voting, among other things.

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