Earlier this year, the pair of Detroit-invested billionaires — Dan Gilbert and Tom Gores  —attempted to trademark the term “Detroit City Soccer Club.”

Thing is, as many sports fans already know, there’s already a “Detroit City Football Club.” And it’s popular, drawing thousands of people to their games in Hamtramck.

Well, the United States Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO) denied the application for the “Detroit City Soccer Club” on Wednesday morning. Gilbert and Gores will have to come up with another name.

In the letter, the USPTO states:

Here, applicant’s goods include clothing and footwear and applicant’s services include entertainment consisting of soccer exhibitions.  The registrant’s goods and services also include clothing, footwear, and soccer games.

Therefore, since the marks are similar and the goods and services are similar in part and closely related in part, there is a likelihood of confusion between the marks and registration is hereby refused as to classes 25 and 41 in accordance with the Trademark Act.

However, there’s still an application pending for “Motor City Soccer Club.” Reading into the tea leaves of the decision — they clearly state that the defining words are “Detroit City” — it’s going to be interesting what the USPTO rules.

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