In Detroit, we live surrounded by legends. The musical history of our city is deep, and it’s in multiple genres. Today’s guest is helping people keep dancing to this amazing music.

Dan Austin is the voice behind the indispensable Historic Detroit, a well-connected man about town and a music fanatic who appears regularly on Ann Delisi’s “Essential Music” show on WDET-FM.

Today, he dropped by the Detroit Shipping Company studio of Podcast Detroit to talk all about his passion project.

The Motor City Soul Club celebrates its fifth anniversary of shaking tail feathers around the city this Saturday, April 13 at the Marble Bar in Detroit. Dan tells us about the Motor City Soul Club’s origins, how his love of the genre sprouted despite an upbringing defined by the likes of REO Speedwagon and Journey, and how he finds records to spin in 2019.

If you’re a music lover — and particularly of rare soul from the ’60s and ‘70s — listen in to the conversation in the player above.

Also, below is a sample of what you’ll hear at one of these nights.

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