When it opened in 1954, Northland Mall was the largest shopping center in America. Soon, if all goes according to plan, it will be dust.

Located in the city of Southfield just off the Lodge Freeway, Northland ushered in a boom for the suburbs – and now, it’s about to meet the same fate as much of the city that many people feel it, and developments like it, helped empty.

The wrecking ball.

“The city of Southfield purchased the 114 acre property to protect, maintain and ultimately increase the property values for Southfield’s home and business owners,” Southfield Mayor Donald Fracassi said in a statement.

According to the city, it’ll cost between $8 million to $10 million to take it down, remediate the property and sell it. The purchase price was $2.4 million.

“We bought it because we did not want Northland Center to become a vacant shopping center significantly blighting the community,” said Fracassi. “The Northland name is synonymous with Southfield and it’s important that we find the finest development possible for this site.”

Once the city takes actual control of the property, bids and proposals for the demolition will be solicited within six months.

The previous owners, Ashkenazy Acquisition Corp., defaulted on their $31 million loan and also defaulted on a $42.5 million loan for Eastland Mall, which although reportedly 77% occupied, has seen better days.

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