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The RISK! Podcast lives in a unique place in the podcasting world. If you’re not familiar, the show is a series of short stories by the known and unknown that are true and boldly told.

What does that mean? It means the topics are very real. They’re sometimes heartfelt. Sometimes risqué. And most often, hilarious.

So my guest today is the ring leader of the podcast, comedian Kevin Allison. He has credits in a variety of media, but the for the last decade — along with his talented co-conspirators — he’s been producing RISK!

It has a passionate following and millions of downloads to their credit. It’s often a traveling show and they’re coming here to Metro Detroit on August 15 to Ferndale’s Magic Bag.

We chat about storytelling and podcasting, including how to develop the good stories that are already inside of you. Enjoy.

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