National Geographic’s show “Drugs, Inc.” will be spending their Halloween episode looking at Detroit. In two pre-release clips, you can get a feel for what the show, that will air on Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST on the National Geographic channel, is going to focus on.

Abandoned houses aren’t just ugly. They also can be a place that attracts crime. Not to mention, the porous border – with the crossing that is the busiest in the Northern hemisphere – is a magnet for drug dealers. In the clip above, National Geographic’s show, Drugs, Inc., previews following a drug dealer named “Jellybean,” who stashes drugs in his former childhood home.

The documentary-style show, now in their eighth season, sometimes uses the real people involved and other times employs dramatizations by actors to relay what they say are actual stories.

Historically, the number has been around 60% of drug arrests are from suburban buyers. When it comes to prostitution arrests, the numbers are around the same – 57%, according to the results of a recent sting.

Below is a preview of the challenges that border patrol faces around the illicit drug trade. The runner in this clip pulls $3,000 a trip, according to the piece, and does four trips a month.

The illegal drug trade is something that’s been tearing apart the fabric of the city for awhile. What’s the best solution to deal with it?

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