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The Detroit Shipping Company is a recent business success story on Peterboro, just west of Cass.

The “shipping company” part, if you didn’t know, doesn’t refer to logistics and freight but to the 21 shipping containers that make up the two-story building.

Built a year ago, it’s about 10,000 square feet of food and beer hall with a variety of culinary outposts and a couple of bars in a blended indoor/outdoor space. Reports last year said it cost about $3 million to build.

And before we go any farther, cards on table. We kind of have front row seats. As long time listeners of the podcast probably know that we often record at the Podcast Detroit studios within the complex. 

The Detroit Shipping Company has now been open a year, so I figured it’s a good time to take the temperature and talk to their Events General Manager Julie Sailus about the story of the place, what they’ve learned, what they’d really like to see in the neighborhood and how they’re celebrating a year in business.

Have a listen in the player above.

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