There is a new summer cocktail menu at Our/Detroit Vodka. The Southwest Detroit located micro-distillery has added local twists to the mixed drinks, like the Pineapple Fennel Shrub and Mint Rhubarb.

Our/Detroit rotates the drink menu each season, in order to keep the ingredients as local as possible. The drinks have a unique Detroit flavor to them. Our/Detroit partially distills and hand bottles at the Detroit location.

“The summer cocktail menu is light and fresh,” said Catherine Kelly, a partner in Our/Detroit. “These new cocktails reflect our ever-present commitment to bringing guests a global and local experience using ingredients made from local vendors, supporting the Detroit community.”

The cocktails highlight some of metro Detroit’s entrepreneurs like Anthology Coffee, McClary Bros., McClure’s Pickles, Vivio’s, and Wolf Moon Mixers. You can also find a drink on the menu that uses Beau Bien Fine Foods’ apricot Riesling jam, which sounds strange for a cocktail but I’m sure it tastes light and fresh.

Kate Bordine and Catherine Kelly are partners at Our/Detroit, which opened its doors in August of 2014. It is the second micro-distillery in the Our/Vodka brand family. Berlin was the first location. The distillery is located in a former pool hall in Southwest Detroit, on the same block as the Huron Room.

If you are interested in trying the new cocktails, you can try out all nine of the summer cocktails in the tasting room of Our/Detroit. They’re also keeping some old favorites.

  • Pina Colada: Pineapple-vanilla vodka, pineapple, simple syrup, coconut milk, vanilla extract, sea salt, garnished with pineapple wedge, cherry and shaved nutmeg
  • Tumeric Tonic: Vodka, turmeric-lemon-ginger-tomatillo juice, garnished with rosemary sprig and chili/salt rim
  • Mint Rhubarb: Vodka, rhubarb syrup, muddled mint leaves, splash of lime, garnished with mint leaf
  • Pink Lemonade: Vodka, muddled basil and lavender, cranberry syrup, sea salt, lemon juice, simple syrup, garnished with floral ice cube
  • Serrano Strawberry: Serrano vodka, vodka, muddled safe and strawberry, garnished with strawberry
  • Apricot: Vodka, honey, Beau Bien Fine Foods’ apricot riesling preserves, splash of lemon, egg white, garnished with dried apricot
  • Cherry Bomb: Vodka, cherry simply syrup, topped with soda, garnished with cherry
  • Pineapple Fennel Shrub: Vodka, ginger beer syrup, cherry juice, McClary Bros.’ Pineapple Shrub, topped with soda
  • Tea Infusions: Infusion of the day, served on the rocks or with tonic, soda or lemonade

The address to Our/Detroit is 2545 Bagley Street, Detroit

Hours: Wednesday and Thursday 5:00 PM-11:00 PM, Friday 5:00 PM-12:00 AM, Saturday 1:00 PM-12:00 AM, and Sunday 12:00 PM-6:00 PM

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