It’s been the talk of the town since we wrote about the story last night. An adult video played for about 15-20 minutes near midnight on I-75 in Auburn Hills.

Now, the Auburn Hills Police Department is looking for your help to identify two suspects caught on camera.

Auburn Hills Police say that two suspects entered a small building at about 10:49 p.m. Saturday night below the sign that had the computer that runs the billboard.

There was a six foot fence and the suspects got past that and forced their way into the building. They finished the deed in about 15 minutes and left.

The suspects appear to be young white males, wearing hoodies and both wearing glasses. The camera had a night vision function on it, so it is unknown what color clothing the suspects were wearing.

It turns out the owners of the digital billboard were Triple Communications. They’re owned by the same parent as the Pontiac Silverdome and the Penobscot building in downtown Detroit, Triple Investment Group. Police say that representatives with Triple Communications have been cooperating with investigators.

So how much trouble could these two be in?

Promoting pornography and/or promoting pornography for minors by disseminating any pornographic material, images, videos, etc. is a violation of an Auburn Hills local ordinance with a possible penalty of 90 days in jail and/or a $500 fine. These suspects now face potential burglary charges for forcing entry into the building to gain access to the computer system, which is a felony offense.

Police are looking for the public’s assistance to identify the suspects. If you have any information, Auburn Hills police as that you please contact the Auburn Hills Police Department at 248-364-9460.

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