The Banker’s Trust building in the Central Business District of Detroit has an amazing facade. Having housed various restaurants and nightclubs downstairs (we remember the Congress lounge) and also offices above, this little gem has one of the most appealing exteriors in the midwest.

We snapped a few pictures of this beauty that’s going on the auction block on March 2 for a starting price of $1.2 million.


The facade is made of terra cotta, and as it was originally a bank, the details reinforce protection, safety and security. It was designed by noted architects Smith, Hinchman & Grylls.


The building was built in 1927, during a Golden Age of Detroit construction. The tall tower of the Penobscot and the Fisher Building, among others, would complete their rise the next year.



The attention to detail was amazing. The building exudes the desired themes of the designer, including the heavy front doors.

bankers-trust facade-top

The sumptuous facade stands in contract to an addition was made in the 60’s that downright ugly, but adds to the square footage to make it 27,000 square feet.


That puts the starting bid to work out to a purchase rate of $44.44 a square foot. Considering that downtown office space to lease is now around $20 a square foot, it’s not a crazy number. It’ll be interesting to see what the final price is.

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