The Westin Southfield has undergone a $14 million renovation that officially opened last week.

We went to the event and talked with Bryan Best, the sales manager of the hotel.

Daily Detroit: So what’s exciting about the Westin Southfield Detroit renovation?

Best: A lot of great things have happened with us at the Westin Southfield with the renovation. $14 million and it’s done a lot of phenomenal things for us. From a full guest room renovation, corridors to get your guest room, some brand new fitness center as well. Our WestinWORKOUT that’s open 24 hours. It’s been expanded and some great TRX equipment. A lot of great things to offer our guests.

A lot of great things to offer our guests that want to workout anytime of day. Day or night… which is fantastic. We then expanded into the the lobby of the hotel. We’ve done the full lobby, all of the seating areas for the hotel, and all of our meeting space too. We’ve started from top to bottom. Every part of the hotel has gotten some touches. A lot of things behind the scenes got some touches too. So, not only did we take great care of some things for a guests, we did some great things for our associates too. So they can continue take great care of our guests.

Daily Detroit: I understand there was some green renovation as well?

Best: Absolutely, it was a green renovation. So, instead of just throwing out all the old furniture and bringing brand new furniture, we did a lot of redoing of the furniture. So, we brought in master craftsman that took the couches and the chairs and move them over to some rooms totally refinished, restructured, and recovered. Then put that furniture back in the room. So, we really wanted to do a lot to make sure we took care of the environment at the same time. So it’s really unique to be able to see these guys that work their trade was something else.

The building is actually three decades old, this is the third refresh. Here’s Jerry Tononi the general manager.

Tononi: I’ve been here almost 20 years, so this is the third total renewal of the hotel that I’ve been through. This is without a doubt the most exciting from style, and the functionality, and the green perspective.

Daily Detroit: It’s a very modern and attractive space.

Tononi: Absolutely, we’re excited about it. The true age of the building is 30 years old and you’d think it just came out of the box.

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