Today’s show is in three acts.

First, we’ll update you on some quick stories to know around Metro Detroit and the state.

There’s a $3B estimated revenue hole in Michigan. A lot of people hope the Feds step in to help, but Jer’s not too sure that’s going to happen.

The Woodward Dream Cruise is canceled.

Public pools across the three counties are closed indefinitely.

Dan Gilbert’s Bedrock is doing an interesting deal to keep their retail and restaurant tenants in business.

Then, Karen Dybis joins me to talk about how local hotels – businesses that were planning to have a banner year in 2020 before the Coronavirus – are making changes and adjusting.

And finally, some of the most well-known brand names in Metro Detroit are what’s called -mid-market businesses. And they’re at real risk here, falling into the gap between the Paycheck Protection Program and large corporations. Sven Gustafson chats with Christoper Letts, the chairman of the Detroit chapter of the Association of Corporate Growth.

Yes, it sounds super wonky. And it kinda is. But it’s interesting as a large number of people are employed by those companies right here in Southeast Michigan.

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