Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Monday issued a stay-at-home order to all Michigan residents, ordering non-essential businesses and work places closed and outlawing all public or private gatherings between people who aren’t part of the same household. It sounds, and is, extreme, though it’s necessary to minimize the worst effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. And if you’ve already been following best-practice advice, then it frankly isn’t a big departure from the new norm.

Just don’t go out and hoard toilet paper or other essential items, K? The full order is here, if you want to read it.

Also, on today’s show, we give updated coronavirus numbers from the state. Dr. Nikolai Vitti, superintendent of the Detroit Public Schools Community District, says officials should just call the rest of the school year off, already. And Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan says people who stay home and watch TV or play video games are heroes. No, really.

Other tidbits:

People who get infected with coronavirus are reporting they temporarily lose the ability to smell or taste anything. Hamtramck-based handbag maker Better Life Bags has announced it’s making surgical masks for health care workers. And Ferndale Project, the new side venture from Eastern Market Brewing Company, gives an update on their coronavirus carry-out operations. Because they serve food, they’re considered an essential business.

Plus, Andy Didorosi joins us to talk about how his bus company started making hand sanitizer, and the reception.

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