After bouncing around this town for a couple of decades, I can tell you that if you cover Detroit and ignore the faith community, well, you’re not covering Detroit.

Regardless of the denomination or belief system, they are ties that bind much of our city and region.

So today’s show is a conversation with Pastor Jonathan Merritt of Straight Gate International Church.

Located on Grand River just west of Livernois, the non-denominational gospel ministry has been switching gears to deal with the coronavirus.

And the good news? Their mostly African-American congregation has been hit with far less tragedy due to the coronavirus than the rest of the surrounding community.

So what are they doing? And how are they keeping connected to their members as one of the largest churches in the area?

Also, Merritt is involved in the Narrow Way Cafe on Livernois. They are, for a second year in a row, dealing with outside forces that have thrown a wrench in their plans.

Have a listen in the player below.

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