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Devon O’Reilly, international man of intrigue, is Daily Detroit’s Man About Town. He joins us today for a week-ending episode devoted to the things that truly matter: Where to eat, what to drink and where are the best place around town to broadcast your every waking moment to the world on Instagram.

O’Reilly gives us the lowdown on Besa, one of Detroit’s newest restaurants. It just opened for business inside the refurbished Vinton Building, with a killer wine list, a raw bar and a dish that fuses scallops and a sauce made of — get this — white chocolate.

Elsewhere, we discuss his list of favorite and least-favorite glassware, including why in God’s name any bar would serve a mixed drink in a footed Irish coffee mug.

And last but not least, the holiday season is upon us, ready or not. That means lots of twinkly lights, mistletoe, garland and beaucoup opportunities to Instagram your smiling mug, personal brand or current status to the whole wide world. Where are the best places in Detroit to set an Instagram pic? We offer our suggestions.

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