IT in the D, Episode 62, also known as “have you tried putting a pickle in that?”

Listen, that’ll make sense, honest.

We’re joined by Mark Larson from Falling Down Beer Company, along with Courtney Ochab and Ian Burk from Detroit Beer Press. Great conversations. Sure, mostly about beer, but also about a whole variety of topics as well.

In our first segment we dove into the news stories caught our eye over the past week.  From the Snapchat video leak to recruiters being told not to hire US based workers, there were quite a few topics.  As usual, links for all of those topics…including the ones we wanted to get to but just simply didn’t…are included down below.  Oh, and of course our event on Thursday night:

Segment two was all about Falling Down Beer Company, with topics from their ever changing awesome menu, the various beers they have on tap, the beers that we had in-studio with us, and the booking of our December event (which we’re calling “Elf on the Beer Shelf” this year, and you can read all about what we’ve put together just since the live broadcast here:  Great chat with Mark Larson, as always.  You can find Falling Down Beer Companyat and we highly encourage you to stop in and check out not just the beer, but the food (reuben eggrolls…trust me…reuben…eggrolls…)

Our third segment dove in with Courtney and Ian from Detroit Beer Press.  Really fun set of conversations with two people who are really passionate about what they’re doing, and it doesn’t hurt that what they’re doing is all about beer.  From the publication that they’re putting out (and you can find it in breweries and other locations around the area) to printing off things like custom coasters and other items for the brew pubs and bars…very cool stuff they’ve got going on.  Check them out at

Our fourth segment doubled back on some of the earlier topics from the evening as well as follow up items with our guests.

The news and stories we discussed:

– The Snappening. Snapchat videos (over 200,000, gigs and gigs) nabbed through API availability (read: “yes, it’s still your fault, Snapchat!)

– ebola, Ebola, EBOLA!!!

– 30 acre “city” outside of Ann Arbor build to test driverless cars:

– Meanwhile, in London: driverless subways:

– Guy complains to Comcast, Comcast calls his boss, guy loses job:

– Infosys recruiter under oath says he was told explicitly to not hire US workers:

– ATMs infected by malware give out millions…with no cards required:

– Oh, and Kmart got hacked:

– 5 programming languages marked for death:

– Why Bob should not be allowed on Wikipedia:

– Snowden: drop Dropbox, avoid FB and Google:

– 4 Uberpop drivers in Amsterdam arrested:

– WhatsApp to roll out VOIP calling…and recording

– PETA is, of course, pissed that Google used a camel to get their desert street view.

– Birth control pills are completely jacking up the ecosystem:

– The Sheldon Effect: a statistical breakdown on what makes for a stable marriage

– 5 programming languages likely to die soon:

Editor’s Note: This is reposted with the permission of IT in the D. Oh, and since Pat appeared on WJR Radio, we’ve been getting requests to do more stuff. So we’ll be having a regular news segment on IT in the D soon. MEDIA! Multimedia! Thanks everyone for reading, listening, and all of that stuff. You’re awesome.  

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