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We track the state’s official COVID-19 numbers, plus highlight a new tool to look at the situation by county across the nation from the Harvard Global Health Institute. This will help us understand things better as Michigan is a geographically large state.

Look up your county: https://globalepidemics.org/

The national unemployment rate and the number of people who are receiving unemployment checks are vastly different by a whopping 2-1 margin. More on Axios: https://www.axios.com/unemployed-people-unemployment-claims-coronavirus-2e505259-d67c-4748-9ac7-17019c71ef43.html

Fuller report about deepening pain in the jobs market on the horizon.

Karen Dybis

Karen Dybis stops by virtually to talk about the Detroit Kite Festival coming up, a great way to have some fun in a socially-distanced manner. More details: https://detroitonthecheap.com/detroit-kite-festival-encourages-this-years-participants-to-socially-distance/

And of course, we had to ask the author of a book about a drive-in movie theater about Walmart popping them up in parking lots.

Karen’s book: https://www.karendybis.com/ford-wyoming-drive-in

Walmart drive-ins: https://twitter.com/Walmart/status/1278445015870640131?s=20

Fletcher Sharpe

Then Sven Gustafson and Fletcher Sharpe talk upcoming Detroit City FC men’s and women’s team news and talk about if we should even do pro sports with the pandemic.

Follow Sven: https://twitter.com/sveng

Follow Fletcher: https://twitter.com/SaintFDW

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