It's Juneteenth, and normally we take Federal holidays off.
But today, we're getting into a conversation about the holiday, the scope of our coverage in Metro Detroit, the changes in our area, as well as the importance of listening to people who’ve been around when you're new to working in a community.

We tackle some common feedback that Daily Detroit should focus solely on the city Detroit proper.

We talk about why we cover the region, and argue that Metro Detroit's interconnectedness means covering the suburbs is essential. Crossing city borders is a way of life here, acknowledging that two-thirds of Detroiters work in the suburbs and 75% of city jobs are held by suburbanites — not to mention family connections and more. The trio also touches on the issue of gatekeeping and the need for a more inclusive approach to covering the region.

Blackness crosses borders here, and that understanding the diverse demographics of Metro Detroit is crucial. They also discuss the need for diversity in media and the importance of hiring local talent to truly understand the community. The conversation wraps up with a call for intentionality in media representation and community engagement.

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