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On today’s podcast: We expand on an earlier short segment about a poll that examines a variety of issues around the state.

Most polls focus on the horserace. Who’s up, and who’s down. But this is more about what is on the minds of metro Detroiters and Michiganders, and get an idea of some possible solutions.

Joining me and Sven Gustafson to talk about it is Brad Williams from the Detroit Regional Chamber. He’s their Vice President of Government Relations.

Of course, we talked about the roads. historically, Michigan has last in the nation – 50 out of 50 states – when it comes to per-person spending on them.

We also touch on healthcare and some other topics.

Also – Governor Gretchen Whitmer rolled out her plan to loan $3.5 billion through bonds to fund 122 road projects while the lawmakers look at a more permanent solution.

And, a planned 34 story tower next to the Michigan Opera Theater has been shelved. Go here for more:

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