From the CityLab Detroit conference, this is your Daily Detroit podcast for October 29, 2018.

We have four major components of our show today:

First, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan. He teased a new universal Pre-K program here at CityLab Detroit. Although we couldn’t get him to talk more about that, we did talk to him about the skills gap in Detroit (he says there are only 50-60 licensed plumbers in the city of Detroit) and what he’s doing to address it.

Sven Gustafson also got into the bike lane discussion with the Mayor, who said that “he’s designing a city for residents,” and not Grosse Pointers who want to speed down Jefferson through it.

Second, Richard Florida. He’s a leading voice about urbanism and cities with his daily blog. Florida and Jer talk about what’s surprised him about Detroit’s progress and what challenges lie ahead. Spoiler? Metro Detroit has to deal with transit and get over the suburban/city divide.

Third, Sven talks about what Mary Barra said around autonomous vehicles. One thing? Barra has an eye to the future, mentioning in her panel today that there are 3 parking spots for every car and that the car is going to fit into cities very differently in the future than it does now.

And finally, Sven and Jer talk about the renderings of the new skyscraper being built on the Hudson’s site. They’re here.

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