On your Daily Detroit:

When it comes to getting customers, what is old is new again.

The vending machine returns but this time a bit fancier and with beauty supplies.

I talk with lavish box founder Leslie Williams about her creation that’s open for business in the New Center. More: https://www.lavishboxbeauty.com/

And Detroit City FC is nearing the end of their regular season. Fletcher sharpe fills us in on New Amsterdam FC, a new player acquisition and the upcoming New York Cosmos match.

But first, what to know around metro Detroit on Tuesday, September 8, 2020.

– Latest COVID-19 updates

– Prepare for “election week,” not “election day”

– GM’s white collar workforce isn’t returning until the end of June, in 2021. So yeah. Here’s the story to read.

– There have been 100 days of protests. There’s been an injunction on the DPD, and Chief James Craig says “it changes nothing. Also: Yes, I live in the city. I feel safe. Please. Suburban friends. Stop calling me about it. It’s fine. 

– GM is taking an 11% share of electric and hydrogen car designer Nikola

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