A big blue wave swept over Michigan this 2022 midterm election with big wins everywhere from Gretchen Whitmer for Governor to reproductive rights to a Democratic state legislature for the first time in four decades.

We dive in with Steve Friess.

01:11 Michigan’s blue wave, and surprisingly the nation is much more moderate than many pundits expected.

03:35 Governor Gretchen Whitmer beats Tudor Dixon by about the same amount she defeated Bill Schuette.

05:37 Breaking down the newly drawn district maps, and how that impacted results as the Michigan state legislature turned blue for the first time in four decades.

10:40 All three proposals pass, including Proposal 3 protecting reproductive freedom.

12:59 Elissa Slotkin won.

14:15 Just how much is the Trump effect on voters across the country and state, and the challenge that you can’t win a Republican primary without Trump, but it’s also hard to win a competitive race with him in Michigan

19:17 Would a different republican candidate like former Police Chief James Craig have done better than Tudor Dixon in the General election?

23:28 Millages to fund public transportation were a big winner this election in both Macomb and Oakland County, which a huge swing in Macomb.

29:14 District 10 called while recording, with John James as the winner.

30:12 Looking forward to the 2024 Presidential election – will Trump run? Will Biden run?

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