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Today’s show is in two parts. News in the front, and a feature conversation in the back.

Albert Kahn and his brothers left an immense architectural and design legacy for Detroit and the world. 

To help connect fans of Albert Kahn’s work and tell the Kahn story, the Albert Kahn Legacy Foundation was started. Pfannes joins us to talk about it.


00:49 – A COVID-19 update as the CDC says the way to stop this current spike is to shut the state back down. It’s putting two allies – Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and President Joe Biden’s administration – at odds. Whitmer doesn’t seem to want to shut back down.

04:24 – Ford will have a third major brand. Bronco retail stores are coming. Tweet with link to the story and pictures:

05:32 – Feature conversation with Heidi Pfannes on the Albert Kahn Legacy Foundation. More:

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