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We’re gonna need a new hashtag to keep track of all these false starts on expanding transit in Detroit. Maybe #TransitFailDET?

On today’s show, we dissect the latest blow to hopes that the Detroit region might finally be able to come to its senses and expand public transit. This after House Republicans in Lansing chose to shelve a bill that would have allowed Macomb County, long an opponent of regional transit expansion plans, to opt out, while letting Oakland and Wayne counties and the city of Detroit to put a proposal asking for up to a 3-mill tax to support a plan.

This after Republicans in exurban Oakland County argued they would pay too much under the tax and receive too little. But the larger picture is that it reflects that as a region, we’re stuck in a crippling paralysis. We lack any ambition to invest in our own self-improvement, whether it be transit, our decaying roads or our suffering K-12 education system.

In cheerier news, we check in with sports correspondent Fletcher Sharpe to discuss Detroit City FC’s 2020 season opener, a 2-nil win away to the Los Angeles Force. Plus we now have the schedule for City’s women’s team for its inaugural season in the United Women’s Soccer League. Fletcher sizes up the competition.

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