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Eastern Market, to put it bluntly, has gone through a lot of changes recently.

Although many come to it on Saturdays and know it through the public markets, there’s much more to one of Detroit’s historic districts, like food wholesalers, butchers, packers and distributors.

In the last few years, there were shops and restaurants – that although their places were loved, the owners wanted to retire and few were interested in taking over. Some, there was a lot of controversy and attention when they shut their doors.

While Others opened up. Like Eastern Market Brewing Company, Beyond Juicery, and Beas.

A number of businesses needed to find or build modern facilities nearby. The older buildings they were in just didn’t live up to the needs of those companies anymore.

And you might not know that most of the neighborhood’s economic activity and jobs are created by those industrial places.

It’s part of what’s driving this shift in spaces in the market, too.

So what’s next with this Glass Mural project? And what are the visions behind it and some properties in the market? Let’s find out.

My guests are FIRM real estate developer Sanford Nelson and artist Sheefy McFly to talk about a 40,000 square foot, multi-story development project on Russell at Division Street called, “Glass Mural.”

Here are some renderings to take a look at while you listen to the show in the player:

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