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Detroit’s a city where locally made products can do really well and become a thing. One of those products is Sfumato Fragrances, created by the Corktown-based husband and wife duo of Kevin Peterson and Jane Larson.

They’re already at work on their new Midtown retail store, thanks to a $20,000 Motor City Match grant.

Rendering of the future Midtown Sfumato store.

Sven Gustafson for this episode of the Daily Detroit Happy Hour Podcast caught up with the pair at Queen’s bar in Detroit and talked juggling a day job with your passion, how the idea for starting a company focused on fragrances came about, and the future.

You can find Sfumato here at https://www.sfumatofragrances.com/.

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Thanks to Queens Bar for their hospitality and to Podcast Detroit for their network support.

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