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Drew Schantz is the founder of Venture School, a nonprofit charter looking to get their doors open in the fall of next year. It’s concept is a “micro charter” so-called because there will be 35 students or so in each grade level.

In the meantime, Schantz is running a series of pop-up educational experiences and fundraising to make this a reality. It’s an interesting look at the early stages of one of the most talked about parts of education in Detroit – charter schools and serving neighborhoods.

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Show notes:

4:00 – Opening the High School that I always wanted to go to

5:00 – Why open the Venture School school in Detroit and how current schools aren’t preparing Detroiters for the future

8:40 – The curriculum of fundamentals, hyper-personalization, and entrepreneurship

11:10 – What’s a micro-charter school, really?

16:10 – How does a student get in?

18:50 – Venture School pop-up classrooms at S.A.Y. Detroit Play Center

20:00 – Fundraising as a nonprofit charter school

26:00 – Private vs. being a charter school and landing in the Denby/Whittier neighborhood

28:07 – Venture labs and testing a pop-up school like a pop-up restaurant to get it right

30:00 – What is the state of entrepreneurship in Detroit?

You can learn more about Venture School at http://www.venture.school.

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