1988 was a good year for movies and music, and episode 88 of our live weekly broadcast wasn’t too shabby either.

Joined by our guests from The Center for Michigan, as well as our friends from Penguicon and the Agile and Beyond conference, a great time, some fun chats and a whole lot of information about things going on around the area including this weekend and the end of the month and all sorts of good stuff for your career and professional life.

We may or may not survive the weekend, so let’s get to some details just in case we need bail money…

Our 1988 themed intro came to a wrap, and the conversations got underway.

Naturally, we had to talk about the insane number of trailers dropping from Hollywood including Star Wars, Mad Max, Batman vs Superman, Fantastic Four, Jurassic Park and the rest. Bob’s binge-watching of Daredevil and a chat about Netflix’s original programming in general. The awkward friend request. All the news, stories and items that caught our eye over the past week that you ought to know about.

Then we dove in with Molly and Amber from The Center for Michigan. The Center for Michigan is a “think-and-do” tank founded by former newspaper publisher and University of Michigan Regent Phil Power in early 2006. A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, The Center’s objective is to make Michigan a better place by by encouraging greater understanding and involvement in policy issues among the state’s citizens and making sure their voices are regularly heard. We do this by regularly by calling forth citizen views, amplifying those views and projecting them into the halls of power. You can find out more about them at thecenterformichigan.net/

For our third segment, we hopped in with the guys who are likely going to be at least partially responsible for our demise this weekend, Scott and Nuri from Penguicon. It’s going to be a phenomenal time this weekend at The Westin in Southfield, with more than 500 hours of programming crammed into Friday night through Sunday, including a few panels and presentations that we’ll be a part of and running ourselves. Imagine your happy place… …a happy place where all geeky interests are represented, explored, and respected. A place with hackers, makers, foodies, open source software junkies, anime buffs, and science fiction fans of all ages and backgrounds come together in a hotel for a weekend and totally blow the roof off. We go to panels, get free food and beer in our Hospitality Suite, go to ridiculously awesome room parties, and just hang out. It’s more than a thousand of your new best friends. Check it out atwww.penguicon.org/ and come play with us this weekend.

Last but not least, we chatted with Tom and Jason about the Agile and Beyond conference taking place at the end of April. Agile and Beyond 2015 is a Two-day conference in the heart of innovation in Dearborn, MI. Now in it’s 6th year, Agile and Beyond brings together a eclectic mix of engineers, designers, product owners and executives for world-class workshops and talks focused on Agile and Lean processes and beyond.

Get everything you need to know at agileandbeyond.com/2015/

And that brought episode 88 of our weekly broadcasts to a close.

Tune in next week as we’re joined by the folks from our core sponsor, Pure Storage, and it may or may not be someone’s birthday.

Again, our guests for this week’s episode can be found at:

The Center for Michigan is at thecenterformichigan.net/

Penguicon can be found at www.penguicon.org/

Agile and Beyond is at agileandbeyond.com/2015/

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