On this episode of the Daily Detroit Happy Hour podcast, we channel our inner “This Old House” and talk about a big, old house in Detroit’s University District.

Between 6 and 7 is the name of a blog written by Miranda Steinhauser.

She and her partner, Brandon Suman, bought a 1927 house in Detroit’s University District — and yes, it’s located between 6 and 7 Mile. The two Ohio natives have been chronicling their efforts to fix up the place over the last year and a half.

On the blog, they delve into some of the fascinating details of early 20th century construction techniques. They also include a heaping dose of history — not only about the home itself, but some of its former inhabitants and the neighborhood surrounding it.

The kitchen after rehab.

For this episode, we ditched the studio setting to go direct to the source. It’s an audio tour of a renovated, historic home, along with some of the great sounds that come with being in a big old house.

We talk everything from how they used to construct curved ceilings, to steam heating, the home’s former maid and her Thanksgiving turkey, and we even get a piano serenade from Brandon in the living room.

Hope you enjoy this podcast mashup of new and old Detroit.

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