When Deputy Mayor Isaiah “Ike” McKinnon retires later this year, no one will be hired to replace him.

That’s what Mayor Mike Duggan’s Office is saying this afternoon, releasing information on their decision to select the Chief of the Detroit Police Department, James Craig, as the designated Deputy Mayor. The paperwork has already been filed.

Craig will remain the full-time police chief without any other additional day-to-day duties, but be the standby if Mayor Duggan is absent from the city or temporarily disabled. According to city officials, there is no charter requirement that the Deputy Mayor be aseparate job unto itself.

“Our current management team is stable and functioning well,” Mayor Duggan said in a statement to the press.  “I don’t see a reason to bring in another high-level employee if it isn’t necessary.”

“My focus will remain 100% on managing the Police Department and reducing the level of violence in this city,” Chief Craig said in the statement. “It’s rare that Mayor Duggan is ever unavailable, but I do appreciate his confidence in designating me to act as mayor if the situation should ever arise.”

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