Detroit Police Chief James Craig retires, and word is he’s eyeing running for Michigan Governor as a Republican. But there’s a hard reality that the violent crime rate in the city of Detroit is just about where he found it in 2014, even if we take out the pandemic. We discuss it and the Chief’s answer that the November 2020 election result was a “political” question and so he won’t address it until after he retires June 1st.

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Plus – Ford’s Headquarters in Dearborn, the “Glass House,” has a new look. We quickly touch on what’s happening. More background, you should read here:

And finally, the old Newsboy Shelter on Belle Isle has been demolished. There wasn’t much donation support for fundraising and rehabbing it would be cost-prohibitive vs. building new. We get into a discussion about Belle Isle needing a ton more money for it to operate properly, especially as the island is in large part was man made; and before then, it was basically swamp-like and is always dealing with erosion from the Detroit River.


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