A bill that has made it through the Michigan State Senate would allow cities the option, in their central business districts (those with Downtown Development Authorities … some examples include downtown Detroit, Royal Oak or Grand Rapids) to allow their bars to be open until 4 a.m.

Under the proposed law, which still needs House approval, an establishment that serves alcohol, for an annual fee of $10,000, could be open until 4 a.m if the local municipality allows it. 85%  of the fee would go to the local police department, 10 percent to the Liquor Control Commission and 5% to the city where the permit is located.

Over at MLive Detroit, State Senator Virgil Smith (D-Detroit) and sponsor of the bill voiced his support.

“Business owners down there were asking for it so that they could compete with Chicago, Atlanta, D.C., New York, Miami… at least when we get these conventions here and things of that nature, folks are clamoring to hang out.”

Others, like Mike Tobias,executive director of the volunteer group Michigan Alcohol Policy, speaking to the Free Press, say that the bill is dangerous.

“There’s going to be more alcohol-related fatalities and injuries,” Tobias said. “People going to work in the morning are going to have to be worried about being hit by a drunk driver now.”

The Liquor Control Commission is neutral. The bill passed the senate with bi-partisan support.

What do you think?

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