There are definitely conflicting reports on this one.

There have been some small rumblings around the state and the country that Michigan’s “One Tough Nerd” Governor Rick Snyder might make a run for “One Tough President,” but the respected political site says no.

“He is concerned about solving the problems in Michigan and the time commitment needed for out-of-state travel,” one source said.

A Snyder spokesman declined to comment.

But some signs point to yes.

The Governor is heading to New York for a two-day trip, where he’ll meet with corporate site selectors, do a media roundtable, ring the opening bell for the New York Stock Exchange and host a reception at the Tribeca Shinola store.

His spokesperson, Sara Wurfel, in another report today said Snyder “has not made any decisions about entering the field at this time.”

Snyder is a comparatively moderate Republican and may have a tough time making it through a primary with candidates that are much farther to the right of him, as well as he has very low name recognition outside of the state. A recent poll put him behind a Detroit Free Press reporter as far as favorability in Arizona. That said, he came out of almost nowhere and into the Michigan Governor’s office.

What do you think? Should Rick run?

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