Detroit’s losing one of its more well-known watering holes. The Park Bar, opened in 2006, has been sold and will close at the end of the year according to a Facebook post passed on to us by a Daily Detroit tipster.

The post outlines an event called “Last Call at the Park Bar” on December 2 featuring Don Duprie & The Inside Outlaws, Alison Lewis & The String of Ponies, Pat V & The Detroit 3, Ty Stone, Matt Dmits and Tino Gross.

The Park Bar has been one of those “legendary” bars in my mind.

There aren’t too many circular bars in town — they’re much better for meeting and talking to people. And the help was always on point.

Back when Bucharest Grill was slinging shawarma out the back door it was a go-to spot in so many ways.

In more than a decade I’ve had parties there, said goodbye to old friends and said hello to new loves.

It’s a good sign that, according to Eater (more details here), it’s been bought by the owner of Cliff Bell’s. They do a great job there and also own part of Queen’s and The Bronx Bar.

A tip of the hat to you guys. Eleven years is a heck of a run. Thank you for the memories, Jerry Balenger and the space you created. It’ll be interesting to see what happens there next.

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