Well … we’ve had smoother running episodes, that’s for sure…but Episode 89 of our live weekly broadcast is in the books.

We were plagued by technical difficulties this time around for some reason, so please excuse some of the rough cuts during conversations.  We did the best we could getting everything cleaned up as best as we could for our guests from Pure Storage and Nuri from Penguicon.  We lost two entire segments, managed to talk Nuri into hanging out to try another run at segment three that came off…mostly okay, but cuts out rather abruptly.  So as a bonus to try and make it a little better, we’re including the recording we did live at Penguicon.

Our 1989 intro wrapped and as always we dove into the news, stories and events that caught our eye over the previous week.

The latest social media mafia hit on a restaurant…that involved someone Bob knows.  Cameras around the downtown area and why they may or may not be legally placed.  Facebook’s storage of updates that you erase before you post and tons more.  The really, really stupid thing that Starbucks is doing for Mother’s Day and more.

For segment two, we focused in with our guests Rich and Jarrod from Pure Storage. Pure Storage has a simple mission: to enable the widespread adoption of flash in the enterprise data center. They’re a team of some of the brightest minds in storage, flash memory and related technical industries. Founded on principles of teamwork and knowledge sharing, they focus on producing an exceptional result while they transform the landscape of the enterprise storage market (and have some fun along the way).  Long story short, they’re doing somevery cool stuff that can improve your system’s response times, dramatically decrease your costs, and make your life a lot easier in general…so you should probably check them out: http://www.purestorage.com/

Then some serious whacky mayhem started, and so we lost a whole lot of our third segment, and Nuri was gracious enough to hang out and record it all over again with us, so you’ll have to forgive some of the awkward transitions.   We recapped everything that happened at Penguicon over this past weekend.

You can read more about Penguicon here: http://www.penguicon.org/

You can read Bob’s recap of his experiences at http://www.itinthed.com/17044/2015-penguicon-review-part-1-the-sales-guy-learns-something/

You can read Dave’s take on it at http://www.itinthed.com/17054/2015-penguicon-review-part-2-the-geek-goes-home/

…and because of all of the chaos that had happened up through that point, we just called it a night.  So, as a little bit of a bonus to help ease the pain a bit, we’ve included a (heavily edited) live recording we did at Penguicon on Saturday night.  We’d been drinking, we were a little loopy, and we got some audience participation…so it’s mostly like our normal shows…but with an audience.

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