Whether you’re gearing up for that 5k run or your Vinyasa yoga class, you want to look your best. I mean, “look good, feel good” doesn’t only apply to your workday productivity right? Big name brands like Lululemon can suppress the individuality of your active wear, which is why Capsule Detroit owners Jennifer McManus and Megan Bonanni strive to put that wow-factor back in your workout.

“Wearing clothes that you think you look better in might motivate you to work a little harder, lift a little extra weight, run that extra mile because you feel good, you feel inspired,” McManus said.


With multiple options for different types of exercise, the clothes are also meant for errand running, lounging around the house and spending an afternoon out with the family.

Capsule Detroit was started based on the frustrations of online shopping with imperfect sizes, material and the overall quality. With hand picked lines and options, McManus and Bonanni give customers access to manufacturers from the United States, Canada and even Australia that they personally have found to carry the best of the best. It’s clothing you can trust and guarantee its carefully chosen quality.

Moving into the space above House of Style back in May of 2015, Jennifer McManus (pictured) and Megan Bonnani are working in the early stages of their company’s development. Both with two young children and full time jobs as attorneys, the power team stays busy and continues to expand.

Activewear shopping can be rewarding, but we all know the stresses that come right along with it. It can be a discouraging process paired with a lot of grunting and that “I need to hit the gym” feeling. With a few tips from McManus, you can put the satisfaction back in your shopping experience and leave the store feeling great about yourself and your most recent purchase.

1. Patterns, Prints and Colors

With bright colors and prints on your leggings not only can you add some eccentricity to your work out, but you can hide those bulges that you may not be so confident about. Different patterns and prints work as camouflage to hide your most insecure areas so you can feel better about yourself and maybe run a little faster. However, if your style is more along the lines of simplistic chic—basic black and gray leggings are another great route.

With an emphasis on prints and patterns, Capsule Detroit has quite the collection and many to choose from.

2. Waistbands

Every type of waistband is designed for different women, and it always boils down to preference and what works best for you. When trying on pants, you want to give all of these waistbands a try and get an idea of what you’re most comfortable in. Whether they’re ruched, fold-overs, high rise or low rise, you want to make sure it fits you right and hugs you the way you deem most practical.

Ruched, tied, fold-over, low rise and high rise leggings, along with a few variations are all offered waistbands at Capsule Detroit.

3. Don’t Get Hung Up On The Size

Working in the industry, one thing McManus has come to learn is that every manufacturer’s sizes run differently, and sometimes even varies seasonally. Her tip to you is to try on different sizes and base your purchase off of what fits you best and to not worry about what size is on the tag. Make sure to bend over, squat, or maybe do some lunges to guarantee you’ll be comfortable during a workout.

Different sizes of leggings, shorts and tanks all vary and should not be minded during the trying-on process.

4. Sports Bras

Every woman prefers a different level of support for their sports bras. Some would rather wear ones that are higher-cut to alleviate the issues of cleavage when working out, and some would rather lean towards the more fashionable ones that can be easily worn under a big-arm tank top. Like leggings, you want to be able to make sure you can move around carelessly, so it helps to try and bend over or put your arms up before you buy.

The different types of sports bras can change your overall outfit, but make you feel more comfortable about what activity you’re doing.

Capsule Detroit is located above House of Style at 574 Old Woodward in Downtown Birmingham with other pop-up sales coming up. On Thursday August 13, they will be at Knollwood Country Club, and in a month they will be at Cycle and Row—both venues in West Bloomfield. Check out their Instagram @CAPSULE_DETROIT and their Facebook page for more information on what else they’re up to!

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