Although numbers won’t be out until next week, anecdotal evidence has been that the QLINE has been very busy since it launched for the public on Friday.

Two of our writers used the QLINE to get to the office Friday and come back and it was still packed in the evening; on Saturday, doing interviews, almost every train for the couple of hours we were out was visually full.

There have been some initial issues. The unexpectedly high ridership has caused delays. Two of the streetcars were pulled out of service briefly for charging issues, and a car had to be towed off the tracks. Parking on the QLINE tracks could cost you $650 or more. 

Initially, the QLINE was going to have free rides for just this opening weekend, but they’ve decided to continue free rides through May 21.

If you’re looking for rider tips and more information, here are our 12 Tips you need to know about riding the QLINE.

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