Editor’s Note: There is new information. Update here.

Quicken Loans, the Detroit-based mortgage lender that also happens to be the largest in the United States, announced a partnership today with the room sharing service Airbnb where hosts can easily use the reported income to help get them a home loan.

Meanwhile, according to a report from Curbed Detroit, the city of Detroit has effectively banned the service as of this week in residential neighborhoods. The city, thanks to an ordinance passed while nobody was looking, has made it illegal for residents to use their homes in R1 and R2 residential areas. That’s areas that are not lofts or large apartment buildings.

Last year, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan appears in a video where he says, “home sharing allows long-time families to stay in their homes.”

Apparently he’s changed his tune, if he supported or knew about this ordinance change. Bottom line is he’s the mayor. He should know about it. Especially if he’s publicly endorsed the service.

Airbnb has according to 2017 numbers served 47,000 guests and brought $5.2 million into the city economy.

Information has changed: Be sure to read the new information. It seems as this ordinance slipped through the cracks.


More: We had an Airbnb host on our Daily Detroit Happy Hour Podcast last year who talked about the impact on his household. 

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