The reality is we don't talk about abortion in polite conversation. So we will today, so we can learn things.

If you're of a certain age, you may know someone who's had an abortion or needed care at some point. But you don't know it. It's an emotional, private thing.

But because of that, a lot of people don't know the medical reasons why safe access to these services is important.

So the landmark Roe v. Wade reversal has huge impacts locally here on Michigan and Metro Detroit.

Especially in wake of Beaumont's quick adopting of the court-blocked 1931 law in Michigan (and quick reversal) - it's a reminder this situation is quickly changing.

Some of the topics we get into:

- Dangerous ectopic pregnancies

- Miscarriages for various reasons and the aftermath

- The fuzzy lines these decisions and laws leave for doctors and care providers

- The shaky future of IVF in a post-Roe world and under a strict Michigan law

- Actual data about who has abortions and why

- The abdication of responsibility when a health system makes a snap decision, leaving its doctors without guidance

- The inequity this would create as the rich, wealthy and powerful will still continue to have access to safe abortions

- The importance of talking with your doctor and making sure they share your values

Our guide is Dr. Paul Thomas from Plum Health Direct Primary Care. Being that he's an independent primary care physician, he can talk about this issue with clarity — without having to run all the answers through a PR department or worry if he's going to be cut off by a health system. More:

A couple notes about this episode:

1) This just starts to scratch the surface. There's a lot more out there to talk about, and no one episode could encapsulate everything.

2) This is understandably triggering content for some people. I truly get why you wouldn't listen. Honestly, some of it because of my life experience was difficult to produce.

3) Also, some parents may not feel ok having their children listen to this, depending on their development or age level. I want to give the heads up on that.

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