Everyone has a dream with plans to make it happen and see it thrive, but what matters are the actions taken rather than just ideas. Can you walk your talk? Can you make them a reality and play into Disney’s motto that “dreams can come true?”

Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to get started, and you can look no further than Tracy Garley, Detroit’s newest up-and-coming entrepreneur, and the event, The Rise of Retail, co-hosted by Garley of Zarkpas Boutique & Bamboo Detroit.

So here’s a little bit about Garley. She is originally from Liberia and came to the US when she was 11. With a passion for fashion, the Michigan State grad focused her studies around business, even starting from early years in her high school career. Getting her feet wet, she began in the school store of Western International High School where she initially began to discover her interests.

Once she made her way to the wonderful world of college, her ideas flourished and it was time to start making moves. She continued her classes in business all while starting her own on the side. Originally, she would sell purses out of the trunk of her car and occasionally throw parties at her apartment. Soon enough, all while still getting her degree, she was able to open her own store in Inkster, MI, where she would spend her weekends away from school.

With her store in Inkster doing well, Garley decided to take another step and move the location to a more promising destination. She deemed Detroit to be the perfect candidate, with its expanding opportunities and acceptance of new people and ideas. Zarkpas Boutique, with its trend-setting accessories and purses, can be found in the Merchants Building in downtown.

Detroit entrepreneurship being on the rise, Garley found it necessary to bring inspiration to anyone who is also trying to bring about a new business, specifically along the lines of retail. The event will feature some of Detroit’s entrepreneurs and showcase their retail, while they will also have the chance to tell their story of how they opened and what it’s like to run their business in Detroit. With light drinks and snacks, unique Detroit items will also be on sale.

Retail on Showcase at the event includes:

  • Zarkpa’s Purses & Accessories, Owner Tracy Garley, located in Downtown Detroit
  • DSE, Owner James Morris, located in Downtown Detroit
  • Spectacles, Owner Zana Smith, located in Downtown Detroit
  • A Divas Everything, Owner Keniesha Ingram, located on the East Side of Detroit
  • Flagship Boutique, Owner Tarik Haygood, located on the West Side of Detroit

The event is a must for any on-the-rise entrepreneurs who want to learn more about the industry or maybe just need a little push on June 29 at Bamboo Detroit, 1442 Brush Street in Detroit and runs from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.

It’s a free event for all who are interested. For more information on the event click here.

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